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Frankly put, there were plans to include Invader ZIM in the Ben 10/Danny Phantom crossover comic once there was room to start expanding the universe further.

There's even a draft of the overall arc where he plays a key role and some scenes have already been scripted.

But with the announcement of his new movie coming in 2018, there's really no need, as the comic's core purpose was to act as a second chance for shows mistreated by their network.

I've spoken to others involved in the comic's production and we all agree on the notion to write Zim out of the story, yet fans always seem to respond extremely positive whenever he's involved in a project.

So Ima let you guys decide. Should we continue forward with the plan to eventually introduce Zim? Or would that defeat the purpose of the comic? Please comment below as we need as much feedback as possible.

You can check out 5 Years Later here:
5 Years Later by KuroTamashisan

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Galvantula866 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017
With all the focus on Ben and Danny Zim should be saved for a sequel. That way his return will be special. 
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